I am a norwegian moviemaker and photographer, based in Oslo. Through playful storytelling coloured by humor and sensuality, I express myself with clean and colourful visualisations of music and the ideas I create for my customers.

Working with visual content I prefer to have my hands on the production from the very beginning to the publishing. A process of making still or moving images will never look the same, which is what I love about my work. The only thing all processes have in common is a human mind thinking it needs a film or photography to visualise their story or message. That's the moment I think you should contact me, and we'll go together from there. 




+47 95991078




- Sbanken, bank

- Linnea Dale, solo artist

- Fieh, band

- Hanne Mjøen, solo artist

- Juliet North, band

- The Band Called OH, solo artist

- GYM ILA, gym

- NATT&DAG, newspaper



- Selvportrett #1, DB Magasinet, november 2015

- I'M THE ONLY ONE, video project and screenshots, HYMEN Issue #2, 2016 

- Interiørfotografi fra Stortinget, Rastad & Relling bok i regi av Skogen Design, 2016



- Selvportrett #1, Qvale Galleri, Oslo, fall 2015

- Sculpture, Unbounded, Oslo, spring 2016



- Nordic School of Photography, 2014-2016